Whereas previously only energy-intensive and gas-guzzling companies, which were obliged to carry out an energy diagnosis every four years, actually declared their consumptions, the historical period in which we live now also brings the issue to the attention of those companies that are not covered by the regulations. 

One of our certified organisations will conduct an overview of the company's consumption and make an analysis of its equipment.

This type of technical report, besides being an obligation, encapsulates a feeling of responsibility towards the company and the environment, as consuming less not only leads to lower costs but also reduces pollution. 

Why make an energy diagnosis:

  • Saving.
    Conscious and efficient use of energy and gas results in lower consumption and savings for your company. 
  • Being sustainable.
    Optimising consumption means taking a step towards the environmental sustainability of your business.
  • Company security.
    Energy efficiency measures can contribute to unwanted problems and increase security in the company.