We manage relations with the competent territorial office of the Customs Agency and monitor the relevant excise regulations. 
For all customers who produce their own electricity and gas, their bills will include excise taxes; these taxes refer to the amount of electricity and gas consumed.  We study the regulations to identify any clauses that may be favourable to the customer.

We also manage relations with the Customs Agency, relieving the end customer of this burden. 
We also deal with the exemption of excise duties on general energy products used in mineralogical, metallurgical, electrolytic and chemical reduction processes and for mixed-use plants.

We also take care of:

  • Annual consumption declaration.
    We take care of telematically communicating the annual declaration of electricity and gas consumptions to the Customs Agency.
  • Monthly consumption declarations.
    We act as an intermediary for any monthly consumption declarations required by the Customs Agency.