The purpose of this conformity check is to ensure that the supply service is correctly performed with respect to the legal regulations and contractual documents. 

In order to offer more support to the customer, we assist him in his dealings with the supplier and, through a controller system, we check the bills issued by the latter and directly handle the resolution of any errors found. 

We carry out energy reporting, analysing the consumption of energy taken from the grid, self-generated consumption from any installations on the site and calculate the incidence of energy costs on the final product.

A careful check of the bills issued by suppliers makes it possible to point out:

  • Concordance between contract and bill.
    In order to optimise expenditure, it is essential to check that there are no discrepancies between what is defined in the contract and what is billed by energy suppliers.
  • System charges errors.
    System charges, i.e. fixed costs in the bill, may be subject to errors in application and updating. 
  • Consumption allocation errors.
    it is important to check that the bill does not contain any consumption costs that should not have been charged.
  • Errors in the application of regulations.
    If there are errors in the application of the relevant regulations in the contract, there will be higher costs that need to be removed.